Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nasty Virus. Beware.

I interupt this blog to bring you a news bulletin.
I have just had a very nasty attack from a malicous spy ware. First if disables your anti virus soft ware (I have a very good one installed which it still managed to get past) and then poses as an XP Repair. It looks very authentic and you think you are looking at the real microsoft XP. This software then proceeds to tell you that you have some very dangerous issues and runs a diagnostics check the minute you switch on your pc. It then requests you to pay to upgrade to fix the problems . Don't!!! To make it look the real thing it then proceeds to hide all your programes and wipes everything off your desktop so that you cannot access anything. You also cannot close this programe down so you are well and truly stuck. Luckily I have an IT man round the corner and a phone call to him brought him around this afternoon. It took him 2 . 5hrs to debug my pc, reinstall my anti virus and rebuild my laptop. He said he has had to do this 4 times in the past month to other users and that this is a very malicious virus. If you say yes to the upgrade it takes your money but still leaves you with all your programes missing.
Whilst I was very happy to pay to have my pc back in operation (my IT man was very apologetic at charging me for his time) it is a cost I have not budgeted for this month. I would rather have had new stamps, papers, craft goodies, embellisher (yes it was that much)instead.
So please beware as this virus is going the rounds and can cause considerable damage, frustration and be costly to fix.
p.s. I have just had to consume a bottle of wine with The Doc to get over the trauma!

End of News flash.


Jo in TAS said...

Sounds like a nasty computer bug! Here's another warning, I've been getting phonecalls from people posing as Microsoft staff saying they're getting error messages from my PC and they need access to fix it. I knew it was a scam from the moment they didn't try to identify me and called me Maam. I've had about 5 calls in the last month and the most recent was last night at 9:30pm when the computer was switched off! They'll try just about anything!!

mamanova said...

Oh noooooo.... that sounds like bad news. Hope the wine eased the pain somewhat and that money for more craft goodies comes your way soon x

Do What You Love said...

Mrs. A., how awful. Thank you for the warning as this costly nastiness causes a bit of inconvenience too, doesn't it? It's worse than adware and that other crap these people spill out. How crazy this technological age has become! I'm glad you have your computer back up to speed though it did get into your fun money. *sigh* Good you had a little drinkie winkie to spur you back up. Reminds me to stop at the store later and get a bottle myself...to be able to help JAM handle King Mufasa! LOL ---any reason for that lovely libation! ;-)

Sandra H said...

Sounds bad, Think they can get in anywhere if you let them, thank you for letting us know..:) Sandra H

Faye said...

Ouch! xxx