Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For Sue.

Flowers as Nature intended.

We have just been for a nice long walk along the country roads up to the church and the field with the gate where you can gaze for miles and watch the cows. These are the 'Wild Flowers' that I picked on the way home. Aren't they a picture!!!

The Doc and I then sat at this table and polished/sipped/guzzled nearly a whole bottle of rose with chunks of cheese and biscuits as an aperitif for Lasagne later. Perfick.

What are you doing for the longest night?


  1. Coming round to your house in about.....Let me see, 15 mins ok?
    Oh listen, that's me at the door now. Dx

  2. Sneezing! Well done on your latest win. Oh and who is Sue? xxx

  3. That sounds like my kind of night!! Hubby just off for the cheese & biccies but bu@@er ran out of wine :-( xx

  4. Flowers look lovely, A mug of Coffee and a Pecan and Butterscotch ice cream for me.

    Jan x

  5. You couldn't buy such a beautiful bouquet could you! Shame we're under a cover of cloud for the longest day.

  6. Lovely bunch of wildflowers! I'll be sitting on my lounge chair stitching away!

  7. You are wonderful. These flowers are gorgeous and I can enjoy with you your walk and little boozy snack..lovely!
    The colours in wild flowers are just perefectly set off when you put them together.
    For the summer solstice, I went to an art class, we painted the sea and came back at 9.20 pm, just enough time to do my lovely walk again.

    Thanks for this post...
    Sue xxx

  8. Nice to go around the other way. Wild flowers are all just so beautiful. I decide which way to go depending on the sunset. Nearly always go anticlockwise, that way I get a good view of the setting sun.
    Only a few days now!!
    Sue xx

  9. I have come to visit from Sherry's Simple Blog and glad I did. Your flowers are nature's prettiest to enjoy. Wonderful weekend...


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