Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And the Ace is on!

Here are my next two ATC playing cards. I decided to keep with the aces for January so next up is the Ace of Diamonds depicted as a stained glass window.
I cut a piece of clear plastic (the sort you get stamps and dies packaged in and normally discard) to the correct size and then with my black glass liner drew the design and then filled in with my glass paints. Quite please with the result as it does look like glass. Once dry I attached to white card.

Below the reverse side showing the material butterfly very carfully glued on and an A made to look like a branding iron mark.

Next up is the Ace of Spades which I have depicted as being an Oak tree with attitude!

The back using distressed ink with fake brown stitching and one of the new stamps that the naughty 'Bernie' inticed me into buying.
A butterfly of course.
The last one to do for January will be the Ace of Clubs which I havn't a clue about at the moment but no doubt Mojo or Flo (as in go with the ) will be on hand to help me.


Zue said...

I love your stained bright and colourful!! I also think the story about the coke can is priceless. It made me feel good. Someone has let their dog deposit something near my gate, maybe I could do likewise with that.
Best wishes
Sue xx 40

CuddlyBunny said...

These are so fun! Your stained glass *does* look like glass! I should know ... I've made fused glass pieces in the past!

Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Ali said...

Wow!! they look great no sorry I mean Brilliant!! lol xx

Lindsey said...

Oh how fab! Love shiney things! You are so much better at the old glass painting than i ever was......glad they found a good home!
I am working on your question and will let you know when I have worked out the correct mathematical formula...probably somfing to do with square roots I would have though!
Linds x

Unknown said...

Fantastic! x

Do What You Love said...

Awesome work, Mrs. A. You really are such a talented woman - it's no wonder your inspiration to others spans the globe! I appreciate your kindness you left on my blog but trust me, those darn clothes were a chore and not as perfect as your sewing. My hat is off to you because you do EVERYTHING to perfection! I love these ATC's!!

Annie said...

Love the stained glass effect. :-)
Sorry to hear you didn't get your embellisher....Keep saving your pennies cos it will be something you will really enjoy playing with when you get one. :-)
A x

Helen Pigott said...

I love the stained glass ATC, really unusual.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Helen x

Jo said...

Brilliant ATC designs, the stained glass one is especially eye catching! *claps*
There's no end to your talents ;)
I have something for you on my blog ;)

Jo xx

Faye said...

These are fantastic. The stain glass looks really realistic and love the stamping on the back of the second. Glad to see your butterflies too. xxx

oneoff said...

Zingy stained glass there - what a clever idea! And I love the oak with attitude; I wonder if he's saying that there will be no pollarding on his patch...