Monday, January 17, 2011

Art Nouveau

Back in October last year I ran a competition the prize being another of my 40yrs old silks(the winner to make her choice from the 4 left) to be made up into an embroidered box. Well Sherry was the outright winer and chose this aquamarine and navy blue silk. She commented that it looked very 'Art Nouveau' so what else could I do but make an art nouveau box.
Out came all my really old books and I finally found a black and white photo of a box originally made in gold work on red leather by Audrey Chorley which I thought fitted in exactly.
Trouble was I had no pattern and no instructions on how to do it but was that going to stop me? Hell no! (In for a penny in for a pound as the saying goes.)
It took me a week to construct the design 3 dimensional from the photo and get the right proportions. Did I mention that the box was made up of five different sections?
An overlapping lid box, 2 side drawers, a hinged lid box and a drop in lid box. Simples!

This is the drop in lid box. Lined in navy felt.
Picture below shows the hinged lid being constructed.

Now we have two sections completed.
The hinged lid and drop in box lid boxes joined together.
Can anybody guess what it is yet?

Below shows the overlapping lided box which is oval in shape.

Lastly the side drawers which were the hardest part to make.
If in doubt resort to corrugated cardboard and a couple of plastic bottle tops. (Yep I really do keep every thing).

And one set of drawers later.

Put it all together and 5 weeks later and what have you got.

An 'Art Nouveau' Fish complete with fins that's what.

Sherry received her box back at the beginning of December (so no butterfly) but due to Christmas and Nasty flu have only just gotten around to sorting out the pictures for it.


Fiona said...

oh wow...this is amazing Mrs A....absolutely gorgeous.


☼ Cheryl* said...

That is lovely! The silk is gorgeous!

Zue said...

How amazing! You have got so much patience, but it paid off. I take my hat off to you...a beautiful creation worth every minute spent on cleverly reconstructing it!!!
Sue xx

Grenouille Greetings said...

This is incredible. More incredible because you didn't have a pattern to work from. I'm sorry I have been neglecting your blog. You are not alone! Did I tell you before that I own a couple of vintage Obi's but I couldn't possibly cut them up - mostly because fabric and me don't do well together! I thought they would make nice cushion covers but given that I don't sew - I can't imagine how I thought they were going to become cushion covers! Thank you for stopping by my blog from time to time, Mrs A, and leaving such nice comments. I shall try to come by more often to visit you! Warmest wishes, Lesley

Ali said...

Wow that looks great - bet you didnt want to let it go xx

oneoff said...

Just wow! And without a pattern too. That's brilliant, Mrs A, and I bet Sherry loves it.


Lucy said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog :D. Have returned the following!!! Love your work!Hope to see more and more.
Lucy xx

Anonymous said...

That's just incredible. I can't believe that you looked at that box and thought "Art Nouveau fish". That you then went on to make it a reality is even more mind blowing.

Thanks for stopping by to visit. I'm glad you're having fun.

Sherry said...

I love my art nouveau fish box! It's great seeing how you made it Mrs A. I'm still amazed at your talent for making such a complicated box without a pattern. Many thanks again xx

Maureen said...

What a great box and how lucky is that Sherry??!!

Donna said...

Absolutely have such amazing ideas and always perfectly executed :) Donna x

Anne said...

Absolutely gorgeous box . You're so clever !
See you tomorrow -WOYWW
Anne xxx

Faye said...

This box is a work of art, I've seen you making this from the start and it is a real labour of love, but looks totally smashing. xxx

Do What You Love said...

This is stunning Mrs. A. I can't imagine the patience you have to do all this but look how gorgeous your creations are when completed. You are amazing, as always!

Bernadet said...

ooow this is amazing!!

Whimcees said...


I am so late visiting you! I hope that this finds you and your family well!

The box is so beautiful! So very labor intensive - you do love what you do! Beautiful!

My brother did receive the package - he was to write to you and let you know. I hope that you did hear from him. :<)

Wishing you a great week!


Barbara Diane