Friday, January 28, 2011

'The Docs' Gems!

How is it that every time I go into the local charity shop I always come out with more tat and trash to stash but when 'The Doc' does the same he comes out with in his words 'Gems' A tray just the right size to hold 2 cups/mugs which matches our kitchen work top perfectly for 50p and a coffee perculator for £1.50 After spending ages in the garage cleaning and polishing this is how the perculator looks.
Now I think it just needs that little bit extra. Let me see.

Yes. thats better. A nice French Press cozie.

The yellow matches our kitchen/dinning room walls and the green is The Docs favourite colour. Both these fabrics came from my lovely blogging friend Terry who lives in America. (I won them in a little competition she was running a while back).
Thanks Terry. I said I had a use for them.

I spotted a family friend also had a coffee perculator in her blue kitchen looking all forlorn so I made one for her too. It's a suprise but is going to be her most must have item for 2011. She just dosen't know it yet!!
Butterflies on both. These are going to be my entry for January's A Monthly Make being hosted by Annie (aka The Felt Fairy). Talk about leaving it to the last minute.


Margreet said...

these are TDF Mrs. A.........gorgeous creations...enjoy your weekend!
xxx Margreet

Sherry said...

Didn't he do well, The Doc! I have a real job to get John anywhere near a Charity shop although he is sometimes impressed with my finds (not often, just occasionally!) Your cozies are beautiful! Your friend is going to be so pleased, I know I would be.

I'm impressed with your shiny plug sockets in the wall - I have the exact same ones in my kitchen and am forever wiping off fingerprints!

Sorry for the scare I gave you over the mini fabric collage - lol. Thanks for your lovely comments and I can't wait to see your one!

Debbie said...

OMG Mrs A, what a great find, the "Doc" can do my shopping any day.
I love the "jackets" you ahve made, will have to make Hubby a cove rfor Valentines Day, he uses a caffetier every Saturday and Sunday.

Ali said...

Yoo hoo, lovely finds there - I wish I could spot these type of bargains lol. How fab are those jackets - gorgeous xx

Jo said...

another fabby and very useful make! :)
My cafetiere is hardly used, it just sits on the counter top, I clean it more often than I put coffee in it! lol

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Fabby finds!
...and your coffee cozies are soooo pretty! love 'em!!
Jan x

Unknown said...

Wow! Those cozies are gorgeous! I love all the flowers and butterflies, so pretty!

Unknown said...

Ohhhh Mrs A they are lovely hun..xx no not lovely totally scrummy!!!!

Do What You Love said...

These are the cutest cozies, Mrs. A. I love butterflies - I think I've added them to everything I've been crafting lately! See, you're so talented to make those cute little things - the fabric is lovely - wish I could do what you do. Trust me, that sewing machine is going back in the closet! I have your blog to look at and drool over for sewing projects! :-) Good fine for the Doc!

Faye said...

Wow, these are fabby, love both. xxx

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i love the French press cozies. what a good idea! and you sew really well!