Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back and fully functioning!

Traumas R us is all I can say.
Sunday, I switched my pc on to hear only what I can describe as the mouse runing around inside sharpening his claws on a cheese grater! Not good at all. Various messages kept appearing and crashing the computer down every few moments so I gave up and had a drink instead!
Monday morning saw me crying down the phone pleading for the local IT company to do something, anything just fix me up. Must have sounded very convincing cos a very nice man came round in the afternoon to have a look. 'Not good ' he said. Your hard drive is knackered, the ball bearings have gone.
(You know they always say a dying person sees their life flash in front of them, well I'm telling you my hard drive flashed before me!! Over 10yrs of genealogy, pdf files, photos, downloads,
templates, exel files , you name it , it was flashing. So much so I thought I was having a migraine attack and would need to lie down in a dark room.)
By this time I'm practically on my knees pleading 'Can you do anything?'
The very nice man said he could take the hard drive away and try to clone it onto a new hard drive but this was not a guarentee fix. At the worst I would loose my files but he could re install all of the programes for me. So off went my hard drive and I went off to drink my sorrows in a bottle of wine with The Doc.
24 nail biting hrs later a phone call confirmed that the cloning had worked and he could try to install back into pc. As you can see it did work and I'm now back fighting fit with brand new memory space and loads more Gs.

Whilst all that was going yesterday' Muver 'phoned on her new mobile. (We have just recently managed to get her to have a large button mobile to use and this is now an on going saga of mishaps and funnies.) This time it was ' Did you just phone me?'
'No Mum I'm like busy having a nervous breakdown why?
'Well someone did and hung up and it didn't show who'. Also a Graham phoned 3 times but didn't leave a message. Do you know who Graham is?
'Erm! No Mum I don't know who Graham is.' Sudden thought. No it wouldn't be, couldn't be could it, he wouldn't know her number would he? Why would "Graham Norton "be ringing my Muver!!!!!!!

Watch out for more tales of life with muver and a mobile phone coming your way soon.


Fiona said...

ha ha...I like the Graham Norton story...oh it's so funny watching the older generation with dad is hilarious when it comes to his mobile...he managed to send a text the other day but my mum said he had been trying to do it for 2 hours...they only live 5 mins round the corner!!
Remember Mrs A...back up your files!!


Sherry said...

I'm so glad the nice man sorted you out Mrs A! What would we do without them - hope you had some more wine to celebrate with the Doc!

Love hearing tales of your Muver - now if I had looked in on her yesterday and knocked on her door, she would probably have said to you, well I didn't open the door because I didn't know who it was! Bless her x

Do What You Love said...

*laughing* Mrs. A., now I see clearly where Fluff gets it from - what a delightful family with fun stories and mishaps that are delightful to all of us because it isn't happening to us. I'm so glad you got your computer fixed - yikes, losing all that data would leave me in a pickle too. Whew...mishap avoided! Your mom having a cell phone and loving the mobile handset space - hilarious fun. You have such a fun life - thanks for sharing these stories - love having humor so early in the morning; otherwise it's just me and the King...and he is still in bed snoring trying to get that last ZZZZZZZZZZ before getting up to hit the deck. Can't wait to hear more stories about muver.