Friday, November 19, 2010

An Award. + A lovely e-mail.

I have been given this award by Fiona at Fi's Cards and Crafts .

Thankyou for my lovely award Fi.

Now the rules state that I must tell you 10 things you probably wouldn't know about me and I thought I would(tongue in cheek) link my list back to Fiona's so you can compare. Simples!

I had a lovely e-mail this morning from a lady called Maria in Las Vegas who has received my #17 christmas match box. I have taken part in the Countdown To Christmas matchbox swap where we make 25 altered boxes send them off and receive 25 back. The big reveal starts Dec 1st when we will showcase on our blogs each day the received one and the one sent. I wonder where the other 24 have ended up and more to the point where are my 25!!!!


  1. ha ha many similarities and differences...I wonder what star sign you are Mrs A...I should have put that in my list...I'm not into horoscopes but I love stars and reading what star signs mean and what dreams mean...I have books. I will tell you one of my funny weird dreams...I have a lot of them!! when I was pregnant I dreamt I was being chased down the street by a great big black and white checked floppy hat...I nearly caught me but my hubby had to waken me up as I was panicking in my sleep!!

  2. Wow now there's a great insight into your life! I'm looking forward to seeing the matchboxes you receive.

  3. ooh that is spooky...I went meant to be a gemini but just made a!!


  4. I am a full true blooded Taurean. Thats why Mrs.A had to resign as Sunday school teacher when she met me !

  5. 4am!! That's an early night for you guys!! xxx

  6. I love it when fellow bloggers do these reveal list - great getting to know you xx

  7. Hello Mrs A! How lovely to meet you! The crochet card was very well received. I need to do more now and really get my eye in, if you know what I mean! Lots of love, Amanda xxxx


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