Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Return Bead Swap

These are the bead swaps that I had from my partners. I gave them my suggested colours of
Pale pink, Pale mauve, Pale green and cream and didn't they do me proud!

Marcy did me a gorgeous pink and green square box and filled with glass and mother of pearl beads in the above colours. The picture really dosen't do the centre ring of mother of pearl justice. I love the bead bag they came in too.
I know just how I want to make these up.

Molly made me a gorgeous butterfly decoupeage box and filled it with some lovely vintage beads. I especially like the green beads on the chain that Molly chose for me from an Antique Mall. Iv'e already laid these out in a design which also gives me enough scope for earings.

Claire made me up a flower box with the most amazing leaves attached. They are so fine just like a Dragon flies wings. I love the assortement of beads and the sweet( sorry for the pun) sweety as the focal point. Again I have an idea of how Iwant to make these up and even how to attach the sweet.

So all in all I think I'm going to be pretty busy, for a while anyway!!!

P.S. Cat lovers check out Marcy's hilarious blog post on how to give a cat a pill.


Faye said...

That is a very pretty stash. Looking forward to seeing what you make, how long is the list now? xxx

Do What You Love said...

Mrs. A., yes indeed - you have a lovely swap - the boxes are absolutely gorgeous and the beads themselves are quite fetching! I just love beads and one day I'll get in on a bead swap. I might have to start one somewhere just so I can swap. LOL!

Liz McGuire, said...

Hi Mrs A, those beads are gorgeous, I'm sure you will make something very pretty with them. Please show us.

Have you tried Amazon for the Tim book? I got the Martha Stewart book there half price.

Liz x