Saturday, August 07, 2010

Chateau Cobwebs

It's all hands to the post this weekend here at Chateau "Cobwebs" as Sweet Cheeks is visiting with Faye. So far today we have washed the cars with Grandad, helped feed the cats, run riot in the garden and now peace reigns as Daniel has gone off to play with his friend Flynn. (His mummy and Faye are best mates from school days).
Phew! and it's still only 10.30am in the morning.
Faye and I are off to bead making class this afternoon at my local craft shop so The Doc will be in charge, 'but what do I do 'said Doc, erm have fun!!!
Just had a nice long soak in the bath only to find sweet cheeks got there first so I shared it with a fish, a whale and a turtle.
Grandchildren. Don't you just love em.

Off now to measure up a certain Pink Netbook which has been left lying around.


Do What You Love said...

Oh Mrs. A., you do know how to have fun, don't you? Ooh and so early at the Chateau Cobwebs (lovely). Oooh, a bead class - I know you two will fair better at beading than I did some years ago. I hope you'll share what you all made in class - you keep inspiring me to either try again or at the least, it gives me joy to see someone else doing it besides cards - love it! How cute of Sweet Cheeks to bring in fun in the tub --haha -very cute.

Margreet said...

So sweet from Sweet Cheeks to leave his fish, whale and turtle for you to play with....hope you and Faye had a nice time in the beads class...has Sweet Cheeks behaved himself with Doc????
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
xxx Margreet

Unknown said...

So lovely to hear what a great time you are having, and that Daniel is keeping The Doc busy this afternoon. Hope you both had a great time at the bead class this afternoon, would love to see what you have created. xxx

Faye said...

Poor Sweet Cheeks is pooped and he didn't even get to play with the crabs!! Bead class was fab, I'm moving in! xxx