Friday, February 05, 2010

Hand Warmers

During the last cold spell my hands got really cold
even inside and (NSUH) lent me his fingerless
gloves to wear but I found them quite bulky when trying to work. Whilst browing blogland I came across these freebie patterns on a lovely Italian Ladies site at hhtp:/
They are really easy to knit. Each pair only took
an evening to make. Now my hands are warm andI can still do crafting. I bought the little apple buttons on ebay and the pink ones came from my button stash. Go check her site out as she has some other gorgeous hand warmers and other quick makes on there.


Do What You Love said...

Oh how gorgeous these are! Who would've thought to have fingerless lovelies like these - they are awesome! I do so wish I could knit like you Mrs. Alien. I think knitting is less bulkier than crocheting. I crochet...or do...when...not making cards...but I'd love to knit. At least more than the standard knit 1, pearl 2...Ah, to dream the impossible dream...These are GORGEOUS!

Faye said...

These are gorgeous! Love the little apple buttons. So. What you making next?! x

Liz McGuire, said...

Love popping by here to see something different, keep up the good work.

Liz x

Joy said...

I've just had a ball catching up with what you've been making. These gloves are fabulous!!! I love them!! Our winters aren't nearly as cold as yours in UK but I'm such a wooss and my hands are always cold, these would be perfect. I must get my Mum to knit me some (I can't knit for nuts lol).
Joy :o)

Jo in TAS said...

I'm going to have to learn how to knit, those green ones are gorgeous!

Penni said...

I love these hand warmers, they are so pretty.
You're very talented, unfortunately my craftiness doesn't extend beyond papercrafting !!!


Cath Ü said...

They are gorgeous... love them and love the colours....

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Cath Ü