Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Cute enough to eat but guaranteed not to add any calories!

I had these bland colours sent in a random batch of felt and thought what can I use those for. Then as I said the colour "chocolate "it hit me. These are all fully working little pin cushions.

I just adapted the way of making them from the earlier ones. The heart has a shaped inset from cardboard instead of a bottle top.


  1. WOW! You really are very gifted! I am amazed because at first glance, I have to admit, I was salivating, thinking...mmmmm...chocolate - those look good. Until I read your post. *sigh* You're so very talented, Mrs. Alien, it is fantastic seeing these little creations! I'm so thoroughly impressed!

  2. These are just fantastic, what a disappointment to realize that they are not edible, they really do look very tasty!!!!! Now who do we know that loves "Choklit"??

  3. They may look real but they dodn't taste it, as I found during the night when hunger pains struck me down without warning. Then I saw just what I needed. Now it is a well known fact "Aliens can't count so won't miss a choclit!!"
    Oooo me guts,... I thought I was a goner!

  4. They are gorgeous and look good enough to eat! So clever.

  5. Mymouth was watering! And then I realised they're not choklit! I was robbed! These are completely gorgeous, of course! xxx (P.S. I only want REAL choklit for my 26th birthday!)

  6. I love them! You are so creative! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comment love :)

  7. hello Mrs A. Do you make these to sell?
    I would love a little set of these, there very scrummy

    love emma xxx

  8. wow I really am, drooling at this - how clever are you!

  9. Just stumbled onto your blog from Fayes (or should that be fluff?)
    wow..these are fabby!!
    do you sell them?

  10. these look fine and I agree... look good enough to eat...
    well done
    Cath's Blog
    Cath Ü


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