Friday, September 26, 2014

3 Little Ellie's

I mentioned a few posts back that I have an
Elephant Hawk Moth  slowly demolishing my Fushia Bush.
I looked him up on the Web and found this good likeness of him.
Kinda cute  don't you think.
I have been reading up on these little creatures and
found several sites which explain in detail how you can help to
Winter them over the cold season and then help them hatch out
in the spring to a beautiful Pink moth.
Now you know me and pink so to this end I now have one safely wrapped up
in the cocoon of  dry leaves  (web page suggested drying the leaves off first in your oven but I thought The Doc would draw the line at that
 so I zapped them with my heat gun instead.)
that I provided for him and he is now asleep in his little padded Tupper ware box
ready to be stored on  the top shelf in the garage.
I had just finished doing all this when blow me if another one didn't
suddenly appear and start noshing on my Fuchsia bush at which point
The Doc inquired if we were now running a Wild Life Sanctuary in the garden!!
This one is refusing to play ball though and is getting through the pile of fresh leaves
I'm giving him daily without so much as a yawn and refusing to go anywhere near
his pile of dried leaves.
 He then needs mucking out each day
(where is Hettie when I need her!!)
They do these little poos that look like miniature hand grenades.
I kid you not.
This morning I found another one of them marching down the Garden path
making straight for my Fuchsia bush.
He has now joined the second one but at the moment is turning up his
nose at his fresh pile of leaves.
I will keep you posted as events unfurl.
I'd like to say I'm feeling better from my trip to the Dr's
Monday ( but I had to have the Locum in order to get seen )
and this resulted in being given yet another type of antibiotic
to try out. Being told my wee would turn bright yellow this time
didn't bother me it can go sky blue pink just so long as I'm not crawling
up the walls at 50mph.
No its the other side effects
Itchy hands
red blotchy rashes on both arms
back pain
and so The Doc says
Hot in Bed.
 O'h Pleeze!! soap is in the dispenser go use it!
This has to be a better list than the side effects on one
of The Doc's medications which right at the the bottom said
Can cause Death in some patients!
Well that's ok then.
Catch 22. If the illness doesn't get you the cure does.
Needless to say he is popping the pills like smarties.
Have a great Weekend everyone.


Kathleen said...

Gives a whole new meaning on keep taking the tablets, any ways would have thought the Doc would have sorted you out! as for the creatures, get rid, zap 'em, that's life.
Have a good weekend and hopefully a healthier weekend..
Kath x

Diane said...

Wonderful post Valery Anne, can't wait to see the Elephant Hawk Moth hatch. They must really like that Fuchsia. Hope you are feeling much better soon.

Hugs diane

Createology said...

Oh Dear I do hope you are feeling better very soon. Being sick is never good. I also hope you have a successful pink moth reveal in your future. I have never seen or heard of these. Healing Energy...

Zue said...

I think they are beautiful creatures and well done you for taking time to care. Hope the antibiotics do the trick for you.

I watched a flying insect decapitate a crane fly in the garden this week. The fly flew off and left the crane fly struggling helplessly headless.
Sue x

Sue said...

Hope you are feeling better real soon Mrs A! fab read huggles Sue xxx

Brenda in IN said...

Can't wait to see how the moth comes out next spring. I hope this antibiotic does the trick for you. Discomfort and pain are not fun.

Ali said...

I loved this post. At first I was intrigued by your visitors and then when you mentioned the tablets side effects I was in stitches. I hope you are on the better side soon.
Ali xx

Jenny L said...

Hi Mrs A,
I know what you mean about the tablets, my DH takes one that says can cause DEATH, if this is the case please inform your doctor, well I ask you how can you inform him that you are dead.
My you are getting a lot of these little creatures having their last supper so to speak.
You are just the kindest person, after them munching at your precious plants.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Mrs A
You have made me howl with laughter so thank you for that. I've always thought it bizarre when side effects are the exact thing you're trying to get rid of, like indigestion tablets that can cause indigestion lol!
Word has obviously spread throughout the caterpillar community that you're a soft touch lol!
Anything eating my fuchsias would be moved to another postcode!
Best wishes.
Ang x

Mrs.B said...

Hi Mrs A. Sorry to read you've not been well.
Very interesting reading regarding your moth. Hope you manage to get the others to hibernate before your fuchsia is all consumed!
Avril xx

Carol said...

This did make me laugh Mrs A! Look forward to seeing a hatched moth in due course and hope you get rid of the side effects quickly. Carol x

Sherry said...

Ooooh, eeeerr, I don't think I like the mothy thingy and couldn't possibly do what you're doing - I salute you for it though especially if a beautiful pink moth does appear - what about your poor fushias though!

Hope you feel a lot better soon xx

Faye Wynn-Jones said...

That looks discusting!! Please go see your Proper Doctor and discuss. This has been going on too long, Mummy!! Do I need to give you 'the look' or discuss my expectations with you?! (so proud of Area 4 when I ring the bell!) xx

Di said...

Oooer, Fay told you there didn't she?! Afraid I did giggle at your post though. And the moth saga is gonna be amazing! Well done you - ignore Kath's suggestion :)

Hugs, Di xx

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, good heavens, Mrs. A., I'm sorry you have been poorly still, but your post has tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard.

I now visualize your day:
Morning muking of the moth beds ... nay, I cannot continue with this on a public blog!

We really would get on like a house afire if we were neighbors. You trying to hibernate and hatch moths, me trying to domesticate my hummingbird. We should build a unit for Di, too, with her hedgie, and Sam with her chicks ... sorry, I have to stop the list now as the squirrel is scratching on the patio door.

Seriously, I hope you turn over a new leaf (I'm SORRY, what can I say? These things just tumble out of my ginfers!) and wake up in the pink of health immediately!!

Warm squeezy hugs, Darnell

Bonnie said...

You have quite the menagerie of future moths! Can't wait to see them all winged out! Aren't they interesting creatures?

Hettie said...

I found some of those moffs earlier this year in me kitchen. Very pretty. Good luck on getting them settled in. I am NOT going to muck em out though. I am strictly in charge of the chooks.