Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So not Amused!!

I don't believe it!! My email account has been High Jacked for the second time in as many months. 
So no the dog has not had a nasty accident and requires money for a huge vets bill,my suitcase has not been stolen, I have not been kidnaped and a large ransom needed to release me  but what I am is totally hacked off with it.
I am safe and here in the UK just sat in front of my pc watching my emails filling up by the second with perilous nonsense. My IT tech has placed filters on my account which will weed it out and hopefully move my legit  emails into a safe place to be opened. As my blogging comments from you all  go into that account  I may take a few days to respond but anything with a strange message header will not be touched.

On a lighter note  these are the rest of The Zandra stamps that  I bought at the Newbury show. My set of Graph'it pens have arrived in the post so I'm  now going to spend some time having a play and learning how to colour with shading.


  1. It's so annoying when this happens. The last time mine was hacked it sent out dodgy emails to everyone I'd ever been in contact with. Including my old boss and any other departments I'd had contact with. I hope your sorted soon. On better note I love the Zandra stamps the designs look so quirky, in a good way of course. I can't wait to see how you use them.
    Ali x

  2. Been there hence why I changed my email addie from legal beagle! I went in there the other day hence finding out you had emailed that addie. There were 390 emails and most of it was c**p. No I don't need an extension of any appendage nor do I need viagra, or an uncle in Zambia wanting to put mega bucks in my account!
    Love the stamps there though.

  3. Sorry to laugh Mrs A, I bet it's a right pain in the proverbial :(

    You got Graphits?!?!?! WOW, deep envy here!

    House of Zandra replaced the Robin stamp - it arrived today and it's perfect!! Happy Dance!

    Off to bed for early night here - before midnight for a change!

    Hugs, Di xx

  4. OOh boo to these hackers. They cause so much stress to people. Hope you can find out the cause. The stamps look good, so I hope you have a great time playing with them.

  5. Hackers are a pain in the ar$e! I wish they'd ping off and leave us crafty folk alone. I'm glad you have someone who can assist you in working around them.
    Nice stamps!

  6. I am sorry you have been hacked again. Once is too many! These stamps look like a ton of fun! Happy Creative Hearts...

  7. Oh Mrs A its so annoying even more so being a second time hope its sorted and they have hacked off!! on a nicer note your stamps are gorgeous and enjoy playing with those pens have a lovely day xx

  8. Sorry to hear about you being hacked into Mrs. A.; shame someone hasn't anything better to do w/one's talent. But very happy you've kept your brilliant crafting sense about you because I just love those stamps; how cute! I know whatever you create with them will be quite splendid!

  9. Poor you. I hope it's all fixed by the time I've gotten around to visiting. What a pain in the Tush. You wonder why someone smart enough to hack, doesn't do something productive with their skills. OK..your images are adorable. Graph'its are a new item to me. Can't wait to hear more & see what you do with 'em. Hugs & TFS

  10. I have been reasonably lucky with my email accounts and use Eset Nod 32, which seems very good at weeding out the dross. However, for weeks now, I have had an average of three recorded messages on my answerphone from a company called Cash Genie, telling me there is a problem with my account and I must ring them immediately. I finally blew my top this week and informed them that I did not and never had a loan from them and never would, and threatened them with all sorts for harassing me. I am not holding my breath, but, so far so good. Hope you get rid of your pests. Thank you for your visit this week. xx Maggie

  11. Hope you are able to get an end to the email hackers...what a nusiance!

  12. Me again...love the stamps...especially the first one!


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