Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Miss April. Last Roundup.

Here is my final review of the makes that have been loaded onto the Monthly flickr group.
Full details can be found here on The Felt Fairy.

Kandipandi showed us a delightful Cottage sewing case. very cute and very pink!! Miss Daisy entered next to show some beautiful crocheted folowers.
Silvia Sherr was next in for her third visist of the month to show us some pretty crochet cushions. Very vintage feel to  both of these designs.
Ali B. very kindly gave me permission to load her make onto the flickr group for her as she doesn't have her own account. Ali had made a sweet little knitted jumper and beanie hat for a very worth while cause, The Fish and Chip babies appeal. You can find the details here. If you have a spare evening and some odds and ends of double knitting wool please do take part. I will be knitting some of these myself.
Silvia Sherr popped back in for her fourth visit and showed some birds in printed linen fabric made up into cushions and small pictures in embroidery hoops. They look really beautiful, so life like.
Twinkle Star also showed us a cushion done from a cream linen bag with brown ric rac, lace and a vintage button. Very Chic! 
Busy Little Chicken came along next with a  bright and cheery shopping bag. I said I wanted to go shopping with her!!!
Paper Amanda has made a clutch bag from plumb linen and added a pretty button as the closeure.
Silvia was back in for the fifth time with homemade Lavender tea cake and another of her birdie linen prints. I so want the recipe for that cake.
Time to Craft showed some dry felted treasures. A cute flower card and a puffin. Her new house sign that she has hand painted with dragon flies, an (appliqued I think) Tshirt and a row of cute chicks plus a robin with his red breast on full show.
Lavender and Pearls has been busy knitting and crocheting fabulous dolls house size rugs.
They really do look the part in minature.
Busy Little Chicken stopped by for her second visit to show us a notebook cover for a shopping list she had made with the left overs from her shopping bag. No excuse now to forget anything from the shops!!
Dinki Dots showed us an owl lavender bag which was part of her giveaway on her blog for reaching 100 followers.
Rosa -Munda  entered as her make for the  month a delightful vintage looking apron which was made for a swap.
Gone Stitchin has made a lovely knitted tea cosy in a diamond pattern and also  knitted  the cute pink flowers and leaves on the top.
The Snail Garden came back for a third entry to show us the makes she had made for a jubilee themed swap. Key fob in cross stitch, red,white and blue lavender bag( with lavender inside grown on her allotment), crown bracelet, bunting and a jubilee knitted tea cosy. Someone is in for a lucky swap indeed. Also made was a heart  doily and the cutest little knitted mouse standing next to a teacup and saucer that she matched with perfectly.
Ange  of Quirky playful things showed us a  pretty crochet circles and squares blanket that she had made.
Scrappy Jackie just got in  in time to show us a fabulous cross stiched fishing boat picture. The detailing on it is amazing.
And lastly for her sixth fly by Silvia Sherr with some dish cloths made from fabric scraps and old towels and the  best till last Rhubarb Chutney.
Thanks girls for all your makes throughout April and showing them off this month with me.
I have enjoyed show casing them .
All this leaves me to say is Over and Out!!!!
Hugs for the last time Miss April.xxxxxx


Twinkle Star said...

Fab roundup Miss April, have really enjoyed looking at all the makes! X

Busy Little Chicken said...

Really good stuff being shown, I love looking on Flickr at them all. Thanks for the 'round ups' Miss April!!

Createology said...

My what a busy group you have had in April. What fun to create something each and every month.
P.S. My mother did cut my hair one summer with a bowl on my head and I had bangs so short they stuck straight out. I was horrified and had to go to summer camp like that.
Thank you for your wonderful comments. Blissful creating...