Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cracked it and 240volts!

Went for the results of my MRI scan yesterday to find out the state of play with my right wrist.
The scan confirmed that I have a hairline fracture across the middle bones in my wrist. Too small a crack to be put in plaster so to keep the splint on for another 3 weeks. Meanwhile I need to have
physiotherapy sessions arranged in order to get my wrist moving again.
After the hospital trip we decided to go on into town and have a little retail therapy (no not stash I promise, just needed a new dressing gown). Went round several shops and saw a couple I liked (sale prices even better) and 'The Doc' suggested going to one last shop before buying. They had several different ones but not hanging on rails to make it easy to choose oh no they were alll folded up in assorted piles. Having found one in the right size the doc helped me on with it only to find himslef getting electric static sparks from the fabric so making him step back. His next suggestion (do not try this one at home) was for me to let the dressing gown drop to the floor (its okay I was fully clothed) so that he didn't have to help me out of it. So far so good but don't be wearing a Steel Splint on your right wrist and try grabbing a metal edged table for support with your good left hand as you do it!!!!!!! To add insult to injury the doc told me I would have to pay good money to get elctric shock treatment like that done privately!!!! I do also have naturally wavy hair just not normally this curly.
Needless to say I did not buy from that shop and went back and bought the nice pale blue one I had wanted all along.
Post Script.
Feeling has now returned to right arm and hair is nice and straight again after a visit to the hairdressers.
The Doc has snaffled his discarded bottle back!! Sergent Jones is now on guard duty in the Lounge!!!


Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Ouch! Hope you heal quickly! Love your black kitty to the right (been playing with her). Thanks again for the tag book and box. It all is just so pretty. Have a great week. ; )

Di said...

Oh Mrs A - could only happen to you! Did your eyes light up and revolve at the same time - sorry, laughing here :)) Snort, snort! Di xx

Di said...

How rude of me - forgot to say I hope the wrist progresses fine :) Di xx

Emma Digennaro said...

OMG, first of all I really hope that your wrist mends quickly and its not going to effect the crafting! secondly, how awful getting electrocuted after a day like that...sending cyber hugs to you x
emma xxx

Sherry said...

So overall a hairline fracture is not too bad? - not good by any means but it could have been a lot worse - bet you can't wait until the metal splint is off.

I was reading your post with such trepidation, not knowing what was coming next - but the picture of you with electric shocks running around you and your hair curling was just too much - LOL.

Hope you're now tucked up in the warm - safe and sound with your new blue dressing gown on!

Take care xx

Faye said...

You have a BLUE dressing gown?! HELLO. HELP!! Someone has abducted my mother and left this imposter in her place. Blue? Not pink? Are you ill? And you didn't go shopping for stash?! I know for a fact you were in Fabricworld yesterday... you fink I don't listen to my mummy? xxx

Faye said...

P.S. You are soooo BUSTED! ;) xxx

San @ Made in Hem said...

Oh, hope you recover soon and still can have some good crafty time!
What do you need the dress for? I got a little scared... I like my jeans and an old sweater when I'm playing with my stash! :)

Sandra H said...

Hi Mrs A, Oh you poor thing hope your not in too much pain and having to have physiotherapy l hope it gets sorted quicky:) Sandra H

Jo said...

A shocking story! ;) Would have made my toes curl as well as my hair lol
Hope the wrist heals quickly so that that splint can come off, they can be annoying can't they?
Take care.
Jo xx

Do What You Love said...

Oh Mrs. A., what have you gotten yourself into? You have to take care my dear - a splint is much more cumbersome than a cast, I suppose. Love seeing the little guy that is visiting Fluff. I'll have to show you my little sweetie I made to keep me company but she needs clothes on first. What a shocking and delightful story you always have to bring humor to my boring life . You're such a fabulous lady. I took a peek at all your lovely crafts and paintings - you're amazing, lady!! Love seeing it all.

karen said...

Hee hee, that was a truly Shocking story! You are too funny!
I hope your wrist will mend quickly and you get it back in working order asap!
xoxo Karen

Dr Sonia S V said...

I hope u get well real soon Mrs A! About watermarking most photoediting freeware software will let u do it. Picasa,Photoscape and Faststone Image Viewer are some of the ones I use.Fastone let you add watermarks to batches and resizes also so I use that the most for my blog photos. You can google it and download as its a freeware.
Anything u need to know dont hesitate to ask

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

You are certainly good at telling us stories. I have just picked myself up off the floor. Seriously though, I hope your wrist soon mends properly. Thank you for your visit yesterday, and your kind comments. xx Maggie

SandeeNC said...

omg...that sounds electifying! lol sorry but I am giggling...and then to find out he took back the bottle! lol now he needs to give you something to replace it with!