Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Remember the bottle that 'The Doc' asked if I wanted for anything ? Well SharonK suggested back on WOYWW 133 that if I turned it upside down with the cork attached it would make a Christmas Tree in a pot.I must admit that when I did that it did indeed look like a tree but that was not what I had in mind.
Ta Da!!! I finally finished him at 3am this morning. Here he is ready for the parade ground.
Lets see how many of you have been paying attention and who will be first past the post.
Not much else on my desk as this is just a snap shot. You can just see Wimpy's vaccination reminder card though. It's up here so he dosen't see it and do a runner!!
For more moments in time on other crafty desks pop along to Julia's blog. I should take a flask of coffee with you as you may well be a long time.
News of a shocking nature comming right up after the break.


  1. Love what you've made from the creative are you :-)
    Will be waiting for the shocking news.....hope it comes soon.
    A x

  2. What a way to recycle--- I love it!!
    Saving it for inspiration [do watermark your photos.. will help myself and others credit you when we finally get around to making it!]

  3. Just love it, You clever creative girl Hugs May x x

  4. WOW who would of thought that that was a bottle, what a clever creation, he is just gorgeous :)

    Have a fab WOYWW and have a great week, Luv Karen #86

  5. Love it - clever you.

    Thanks for sharing, wishing you a productive week.

    Jumbleberries xx

  6. That is so clever! Love it!

    katie (112)

  7. That's just brilliant - love the look of his puffed out proud chest! I spy the little shrink plastic button at the back of his braces too.

    I'd never have guessed you'd turn the bottle into this amazing character!

  8. I see it, I see the heart button. This is another brilliant project. Don't show him to anyone or you may find yourself with an order for an army!! ;) xxx
    P.S Where are the boys?

  9. What a totally cute creation, a little soldier. I laughed at your hiding the shot reminder. We have multiple cats but someone just the one you who has the appointment up and vanishes when the carrier comes out. We try to not give anything away either.

  10. ha ha Mrs A, already read your shocking story above - and wow do I love your wee little man he is sooo awesome - and to answer your query I clean my brayer with cold water and kitchen deterg. as do it in the kitchen. It is my one and only brayer so never leave it dirty long - dont use permanent ink on it as a rule but if I do I use Stazon and the Ranger stamp cleaner - like it the best of the stamp cleaners bought grandmas cleaner too and it is good for some thing but general cleaning use the ranger - however till recently only knew about deterg. and water as have stamped for twenty years now and in the olden days there were no such things! :D Shaz in oz.x

  11. Hi there, just a flying visit this morning, trying to get round to as many desks as I can before work starts! Thanks for sharing your creative space.
    I hope the rest of your week goes well for you. Brilliant use of the bottle!

  12. Literally shocking and a literal break to boot. Ow, on both counts.. I thought it was just me who got mega shocks of metal in shops. It blooming hurts!!
    Love your soldier - fab recycling!
    Hugs, LLJ #43 xx

  13. What a fabby soldier! you always make the best out of everything, you're such a talented lady.
    The little heart at the back is adorable :)

  14. Love your soldier- you are very clever. Thanks for visiting me. Anne x

  15. He's GORGEOUS Mrs A!! If you're still speaking to me after my cheeky comment about your eyes lighting up and revolving (later posting yesterday), the mahoosive 'control panel' you asked about on my desk is a super storage unit for Pro Markers :)) Posh eh?!

    No snippets on the desk or in the basket - I keep them in a folder, filed by colour. I know, a bit OCD really :)) Hugs, Di xx

  16. love the soldier what a brilliant way to recycle that bottle. THanks for sharing

    BEcky #45

  17. That's one hell of a funky Christmas Tree Mrs A!! Love how he turned out, and love even more that he who thinks crafting is an alien occupation wants it!!

    Brenda 104

  18. He's lovely, I love that old fashioned soldier look, he'll look good at the Queens Jubilee :o)

    Jan x

  19. wow that was a bottle!!!! Amazing !!!! x Lou x

  20. How clever are you!?! To see this idea in the bottle in the first place is amazing and then to create such a perfect little soldier is fantatstic!
    And I remember from last week to look for the shrink plastic heart!! It is on his back! So cute!
    I am off to read your shocking news now!
    xoxo Karen

  21. Well damn me mrs A, what a marvellous nutcracker style soldier that bottle turned into...I did not see that! He is fab, hope you're pleased with him too! Shocking GOOD news I hope!!!

  22. What a gorgeous guys, Mrs. the tiny heart at his back!
    xxx Margreet

  23. WOW! I can't believe you looked at that bottle from the Doc and decided it could become this! And it's so beautifully done too! Fabulous, Mrs A. Genius actually. And is that a little heart button on his back that may have been made from shrink plastic?
    Hugs, Lesley

  24. Oh I love this little guy!

    Happy WOYWW (on Monday!)
    Katie #16

  25. oho wow I think he's amazing.
    happy, very...very late woyww


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