Wednesday, October 05, 2011


The boys have been delving in my odds and ends craft stash and seem to have commandered one or two things. I did ask what they wanted them for but they just said "It's Spooky" so best to leave it at that I think for the present. They did ask though if they have the same insides as me? Off to find the answer unless of course you know?


  1. I love that little pumpkin, so sweet!
    Rum xxxx

  2. Eh not sure about this!!!
    These two little tinkers are up2 NO GOOD!!
    I can see you getting a bat up your nightie in the middle of the night!!
    You keep your eyes on 'em!. Debbiexx

  3. Oh dear - Monkey business is afoot I fear! Cute little pumpkin too - just their fighting weight :) Di xx

  4. Ummm????? NO! It's a puppet!!!

    Break it to monkey and his little friend over a cup of PG tips!

  5. so cute. love when my lil man comes and "borrows" items from the art room.

  6. Ah the boys are up to fun and games again - getting ready very early aren't they - not liking to be left out I guess! has Nigel his new PJ's yet? Shaz in oz.x


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