Monday, February 28, 2011

Two's company.

Here are two of February's ATC's for the playing card challenge.
I had hopped to have all four suits to show you but sadly events overtook in the month.

Two of Clubs.
The idea for this card is very loosely based on 'Bill and Ben the flowerpot men. (Does anyone else remember the childrens tv programe.) Again the clubs are on boingy springy things so that they stand away from the flower pot.

Mr worm just popped out to say hello!

The back with butterfly.

The two of spades.

Do my Ears look big in these?

Random butterflies for the back.


oneoff said...

Floobadoobadoob! (Or love that flower pot and those very funky earrings.) Got to crack on with mine this week as I am very behind schedule!


Debbie said...

How sweet, love the 2 of spades...genius. I am in anACT club and might steal that idea if thats ok!
Thinking about you today. Debbiexx

Sherry said...

I love your interpretations! Of course I remember Bill and Ben - wasn't there a weeeeeed too? lol

Do What You Love said...

How darling is that little wonderful lemon meringue and mug below - too cute! These ATC playing cards are adorable. I love the sewing that you added to them - the flower pot is very cute with the worm sneaking by. The spade with earrings is super cute. you're just so wonderful at making crafting look like more fun than it should be!

Margreet said...

wonderful playing cards with fab details....I'm thinking of you today!
xxx Margreet

Zue said...

I love your felt work, especially the plant pot! So funny and clever.

You have changed the look of your blog. It is very nice, but, as I am a bit thick these days I need to ask, 'are you Mrs A'???

Zue said...

Sorry I have just scrolled own and found out that you are Mrs A...what a relief!!!
Sue xx