Sunday, February 06, 2011

Hats my last Ace!

The 4th and last Ace card for the Altered Playing Card Challenge.
Don't ask me where this came from! One minute I was looking at the flower punch on my desk struggling for ideas and the next a picture of a top hat with a wobbly flower sprang to mind. So striking while the iron was hot I set to making the 'Ace of Clubs'.
The material was cut and fused using Bonda Web and then glued to the ATC card. Ribbon added
for the top hat band. I used one punched flower with the extra leaves cut way to make the club/clover shape and then attached it to a bongy springy thing to make it wobble about.
Used distressed ink on the back layering up over cut outs masking the shape of the club and the butterfly. Fake brown stitching round the edge and a Stamped A. to finish off with.

Februarys cards will be all the 2's.


Jan said...

Lucky clover leaf, lucky Ace..... it all makes sense to me! Great idea and I love the 'springy thing' !

Debbie said...

Nice one or two Mrs A. The great hat is a brill idea. Debbiexx

Terry Oulboub said...

Ace of clubs - really cool, Mrs. A. - love the top hat! It doesn't look like fabric at all. Very clever. Love the shadow butterfly; the colors on that clover is lovely to say the least.

Ali said...

Brilliant ideas love the hat & four leaf clover xx (I've sent another email - just incase it goes to spam :-) )

Margreet said...

great project Mrs.'re such a fantastic artist!
xxx Margreet

oneoff said...

Boiiing! How do you manage elegant and quirky all in one go? You're a magician, Mrs A, and that's another great addition to the deck.


Sherry said...

'bongy springy thing' the mind boggles, never mind wobbles!! I like the fake stitching on the back - at least then you don't have to worry about dangling threads - lol x

Faye said...

Fabby springy, boingy thing and I love the yello back. xxx