Sunday, October 09, 2016

Crafty Makes.

Still trying to catch up from last Weekend. I'm woefully late with commenting but rest assured I will get round to all your lovely blogs.I'm not ignoring you. 
Miss Di (my partner in crime) has I know already shown you a couple of her makes and told a few tales from the Crafting Workshop! I have managed to finish off  2 of  mine as well and as they are slightly different have included them below.

I chose the orange pack for my caddy whilst Miss Di and Kim chose the purple.Needless to say we ran out of time to complete in the workshop but when I got back home The Doc saw my box  and his eyes lit up. He straight away commandeered it saying it would be ideal for him for taking all his bits and bobs (ie mobile phone, house phone, remote door chime, keys etc) out into the garden whilst he is working outside and keeping them altogether and easy to pick up in one go. Here it is loaded up with a couple of the said items.

Here in lies a tale though. I have already just mentioned that Miss Di and Kim chose the purple caddy to make up and this is the ensuing saga.
On getting back to our hotel on the workshop night and unloading our makes Miss Di quickly realised that somewhere/somehow in moving our makes from one workshop straight to another that hers and Kim's caddies had been mixed up. A quick phone call to Kim in her hotel and it was arranged that Kim would bring Di's caddy back to the show in the morning and leave it in the cloakroom and when we arrived we could swap them over leaving the correct one for us to take back at the end of the day.  Mission was duly accomplished with no hiccups. Kim left early in the afternoon and we set off on foot back across the cowpat field about an hour later. Now we did have the forethought to register where we had left Di's car (Miss Daisy), ten rows back from the hedge in the morning except when we arrived in the field half the cars were gone so counting the rows was a no go. We desperately trundled up and down and just as we were on the point of giving up we happened to turn round and there she was! Nowhere  near where we had been searching!! Having got back to the hotel we stopped at the garage to refill Miss Daisy and just as Di go to the till to pay there in her purse lay the cloakroom ticket for the Caddy! A quick decision was made to trundle straight back to the show and reclaim it as though we were going back the next day we didn't know what the organizers would do with property left each evening. No way were we going back in the cowpat field so we shot straight in through the disabled parking area and  pulled right up outside the venue where I piled out with ticket in my hand and left Di with the engine running in a disabled parking slot. Piece of cake or so I thought. Arriving at the counter and handing the ticket in, the attendant gave me a dour look and said "oh yes something fell out of this bag onto the floor do you know what it was?"  Eek! Quick look up to heaven for inspiration which wasn't forthcoming  and then a mumbled " well was it flip flops in a plastic bag by any chance?" from the attendant . At this point I think I would have said yes to anything  so I just fled with the caddy and the flip flops back to Di with a quick lets get the hell out of here before we're caught on camera.
The moral of the story is don't choose the same caddy colour(I know we didn't get a lot of choice) but do  choose a nice big bottle of wine to have back in the hotel room!!

I didn't get my easel box finished in the workshop either. On getting it home I decided to remake the dawer part as my first measurements were a tad on the small side and it kept falling out. I didn't really want to use the image supplied with the box either so I had a quick look through the freebie Hunkydory packs we had been given at the end of the workshops and found this one more to my liking which also had a gold frame around it and would be perfect for giving to my Granddaughter on our next visit. 

Finally, I still think the plastic bags would have looked really good on Miss Di's feet especially as I had offered to tie them round her ankles in pretty bows. 
Well I will not be beat. You will use your plastic bags up. 

You will, you will, you will......................................................................................

Entering the following challenges:
Pixie's Crafty Workshop #250.  Use up your snippets (It took darn ages to snip that plastic bag up).


Tina Z. said...

It sounds like you all have great time, thank you for sharing :))), lovely caddy and box!

KandA said...

So that was what you had to rush off to do! Brilliant! Do you need a knitting patter for a pair of socks?

Fabulous creations - a really useful caddy for hubby and a super easel box for your granddaughter xx

cuilliesocks said...

Gosh what an adventure Valery, but you got it all fixed eventually and sounds like you had a great time.
Your caddy is brilliant fab colours and so useful, pretty easel box too, Kate x

AlisonC said...

You must be exhausted, I bet you had to lie down in a darkened room afterwards!
That is certainly an inventive way to use plastic bags, well both ideas were, but I meant the knitting.

Kathleen said...

I don't know if you two are fit to be let out together. Love the orange though.

Kath x

Di said...

Oh you total nut case! I just read this before tottering off to bed to rest me back and can't stop laughing. What fun we had - and no sign of porridge for breakfast here - yet! I still can't palm me caddy off though - and your redone box looks super BTW. I may make two for the girlie's bracelets - when someone advises me what sort of elastic I need to get :)


Di xx

Psst, Babe has been rechristened to be Miss Daisy as of now :)

Di said...

Psst, does that mean we need a gathering and family bun fight for the re-Christening of Miss Daisy? Sigh :(

Liz said...

Sounds like you both had a fabulous time! TFS your adventure, it really made me chuckle. Great makes too. xx

aussie aNNie said...

New blog page? Love it...and love your fabulous makes...xx{aNNie}

Jane Willis said...

I'm loving all the reports of the weekend - funny how the cow pat field seems to feature so strongly! That caddy is gorgeous and what a great idea for using it. It would make a good place to hold all those pesky remote controls that seem to proliferate these days too. (I did try one of those that's meant to replace them all with a single one, but it claimed not to be compatible with any of my devices).
Knitting carrier bags - oh that takes me back a few years! There was some event two of my friends were taking part in where their costumes had to be made out of recycled materials - and they wanted to go as fish. So I knitted up head to toe scaly fish suits from hundreds and hundreds of plastic carrier bags, cut into strips. By the time they were ready, my hands were a mass of blisters! For the gills, I used old rubber gloves, spray painted with silver paint. I can't remember what I used for the fins now.

brenda said...

All the accounts I've heard suggest it was a real fun meet up last week and your makes are rather lovely as well.

B x

Aquarius said...

Great to hear another version of the weekend away saga - you obviously had a wonderful time despite a few hiccups along the way. Love your snippet of plastic bag knitting! Hope it isn't a biodegradable bag otherwise it will turn to plastic 'dust' in due course! Very disconcerting having a bag disintegrate while sorting out 'stash' on shelves and don't ask how I know that.

Elizabethd said...

Super caddies, so clever!

Jenny L said...

Hi Mrs A,
oh you 2 do make me laugh at your antics.
I would love to have been a fly on the wall to have seen what you both get up too.
On second thoughts no you might swipe me, and kill me. LOL.
Can I suggest taking a few tags with you next time so you can tell whos, whos, but it wouldn't be as much fun.
Your caddy is so great and a wonderful colour.
I love the very fab design.
Such a very handy thing for Doc to use when in the garden.
A great make on the easel box too.
Not tried one of those.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Mrs.B said...

Sounds like a great workshop and then caddy looks as if it will be really useful - you'll have to make one for yourself.
Avril xx

MagsB said...

My goodness, what a whirlwind time you had! I'm glad the caddies got back to their rightful owners!

Your caddy is gorgeous! No wonder The Doc swooped upon it! And the easel box is so pretty, your granddaughter wil love it!

love Mags B x

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

I am sure you have had a fun time with Di. Your caddy looks very pretty with these happy tones, and very useful too!! And the easel box card is gorgeous! Great makes!
Fab idea knitting the plastic bag! I remember that in this way my Grandmother always made strong bags from the stripes of plastic bags, and also carpets from the woman nylon stockings :D

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

I'm loving your makes from your weekend away, the caddy is gorgeous as is the box card too. Now if you carry on with the plastic bag knitting you'll be able to knit Di a pair of slippers. I have see plastic bags knitted into shopping bags as well.

Sue xx

Di said...

Spotted this in the Playground - clever sausage that you are! I did squeak when the post arrived this morning - than kyou loads and glad it's not a dishcloth :)


Di xx

Sandra H said...

Oooh this is gorgeous and the colours are stunning especially as it's the time of year while all the leaves are falling and turning colour and l see you have put it to good use too!.........sounds like a good time by all ...loving the card and knitting too your so busy take care sending lots of love xx

Barb said...

I'm wondering if you two are safe to be let out alone!!!! I did enjoy reading the saga of the lost car. I think that will ring a bell with many of us.

Well both projects turned out looking great. I,m sure your granddaughter will love the little princess on her box easel next time you see her. What a good idea the Doc had for your caddy. I think they look lovely and would be very useful for all sorts of things. Barbxx

Donna said...

That caddy is fabulous, good thing you choose the orange! What a fun story!

LesleyG said...

Well, I am loving your workshop makes, and am only just catching up on some blog hopping, but having read this post I need to do a bit of back-hopping to see what you got up to, it sounds a hoot! Xxx