Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sea Glass

Our internet continues to be a problem and is up and down
like the horses on a merry go round.
Maybe that's where I''m going wrong. 
I should be charging  for rides!!!!

When I recently took part in the Tea Cup Swap
I came across another blogger who in her comments
asked if anyone had any pieces of sea glass that they
would be willing to send her.
Now Sea Glass I have a plenty so after several
emails back and forth  this is what I sent to 
Cindy in America

I had a good look through my stash of Sea Glass
and selected some to send off.
I have already previously sent some off to 
America and Australia but still had plenty left.

The card was one I had previously made and seemed
appropriate to send with the sea glass. 

Then I needed a box to send it off in and made this 
embroidered  box using a piece of sea shell material
from my stash.

The sea glass fits all nice and snug.
Happy to say that Cindy loved her gift.
She was only expecting a few pieces so was over 
the moon to receive a box full.

If anyone would like some then leave a comment below.
Needless to say 
I  Replenished my stock when we went to  Italy 
earlier this year  and spent another 3 afternoons
beach combing in the same cove and came back with even more!!!!


Margreet said...

You made a wonderful present for wonder she was over the moon!
xxx Margreet

Unknown said...

Aww I love the sea glass! Beautiful gift and card! Love the colour
Lucy x

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

:D I'm addicted to search for sea glasses on the beach... and I also pick up small pebbles and little woods. I'm the only adult that make this on the beach :D When I come home, I have a heavy purse to carrying :)LOL
I read your seaglass post... You found them in Italy! Such a surprise! If you want other seaglasses, ask me! :)
.. I didn't know that in America they there aren't. Your friend Cindy will be so happy!
Lovely box and card, too, they match very well with the seaglasses!

Mac Mable said...

What a kind and generous person your are. Especially to make the card and cover the box. No wonder Cindy was over the moon x Thank you for sharing today x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Valery, what a gorgeous card and all that lovely coloured glass, lovely box to put it all into as well, I'm sure your crafty friend will love ti, Kate x

KT Fit Kitty said...

Wow, Mrs. A! You must have an amazing collection of sea glass - this is so pretty! I have not seen sea glass when I'm at the beach. Your box is gorgeous, and so is the card! I bet your new friend was tickled pink!

Kimbo said...

What a beautiful present and a perfect box for it. I've spent many an afternoon looking for sea glass around Christchurch and Bournemouth but never been lucky enough to find any x

Kathleen said...

Phew, for a minute I thought you were going to say, up and down like a brides nighty.
Great beach card.
Just update to fibre broadband and while not really noticed any difference in speed, we do not seem to be having as many problems one way and another as we did. You should ask your provided for a free upgrade as they are giving you all these problems.

Kath x

Diane said...

Fabulous present and love the box.

Hugs Diane

Karen said...

I have a little stash of sea glass Mrs A. Something about the feel of the glass and the different colours wow me. Although I've never been sure what to do with lol!
Now I'm wondering if I could incorporate it into a mixed media hanging? Will have to have a play and think about it.
Gorgeous card and box, lucky lady. Your glass is much darker and richer colour wise and I bet she was pleased too.
The watercoloured bird is years of practice and knowing that I need to walk away from it, sleep on it and go back the next day to use or add.
I stamped and watercoloured the bird on day one and left it to dry.
Day two I decided it needed much more colour. Day three same thing happened.
Day four I wasn't totally happy so I showed it to DH who told me it needed definition so I used one of my fine liners and finally had the bird bang to right lol, well in that I was happy and that's rare for me, too blooming critical for my own good. Karen xx

Kim said...

Lovely card and fabulous box! I love all those little pieces of glass; so many pretty colours.

Rainey's Craft Room said...

A lovely card to go with your gift Mrs A.

aussie aNNie said...

Brilliant, both of them.xx {aNNie}

Cara said...

What a beautiful gift, no wonder she loved it. Cara x

AlisonC said...

A beautifully packaged gift, she must have loved it. I saw jewellery made from sea glass recently, it was very pretty and delicate.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

What a wonderful friend you! That sea glass is packaged up so pretty it would be a shame to part with any of it. I'm sure your pal will make something fab with it. Love the card you sent along too.