Monday, June 13, 2016

Star Of Wonder

I have had an absolute nightmare of  a time today with my internet showing as disconnected with a nasty flashing orange light instead of solid green for go.
 Im on of sorts but in between AVG doing an upgrade, Windows 10 constantly trying to install  (with me cancelling it PDQ) and sorting out what is going on with my router  I'm rather late for the Christmas Card Club where we show our makes every fortnight following a different christmas theme each time.
The theme  today is Star of Wonder  or anything goes and was chosen by Zoe.  I have had to delve into my unposted items as I have not been able to make anything with the above going on.  I remembered a Christmas Button Book I made for  a swap  in Oct 2014  which I had never gotten around to showing and two of the pages in it came to my rescue so here they are. Each page of the book was either depicting a nursery rhyme or a song and I had used buttons to  illustrate.

I had found these  gorgeous buttons for sale in a fabric shop
and immediately thought  of shooting stars (as one does) 
and knew I had some star type resin shapes to go with them. 
The background scene is part of a 12" x 12" design paper that 
a friend had sent me from America and this was all I had over.
All that was left for me to do was create in word and print off the words.
(I'm pretty sure the song was by Perry Como.)
So come on show your age and sing along too!!!

The same shop had these crystal  snowflakes
 so into the bag they went too.
The background is navy pearlescent card put through 
a star embossing folder called Twinkle by Crafts -Too
A few white sequins and the rhyme to match.

Hope these will suffice Zoe. 


  1. I think you did a great job on this theme! Two wonderful cards...and I love the pretty buttons.

  2. Lovely work as always, pretty colours and design Valery - I too am on a mission to aver W10.

    B x

  3. Hi Valery, fabulous cards love the dark blue sky on the first one, and the lovely stary design on the second.
    I remember well the song, it was indeed Perry Comoros, and my mum used to sing it to me as a child, along with Love and Marriage, be singing them all day now, Kate x

  4. Morning Mrs A...........Say no more Windows 10 installed on my computer without my sayso! l had to get my son round to show me where to pick up my photo's to which turned out to be pretty easy but other than that Windows 10 has been okay...ish it'seems they are doing it alot and are being very naughty on a better note your cards are gorgeous as always and the buttons are so cute! l bought christmas buttons and ribbon from a fabric shop they are an amazing find hope all is sorted now take care x

  5. Hi Mrs A, technology is wonderful - but only when it behaves!
    Love your starry makes and the background scene papers is lovely. Great song title too.
    Avril xx

  6. Great use of buttons and yup, I was singing along! Cara x

  7. Such a pretty and dramatic card x I eventualy succumbed to windows 10 and it's to my relief it's OK x

  8. Hi Valery
    Fabulous cards... Love the navy one...
    Hugs Sylvie x

  9. Lovely cards ! I have had some internet trouble also ... don't like that, my light was blue instead of green ...

  10. Sorry for your Pc problems, hope they don't last!
    These two cards are brilliant, and you have made a so clever use of these amazing buttons and your background paper!!

  11. Two great cards - and I am singing along as youpredicted. Christine x

  12. The depth you have created on your winter scene is fantastic.
    Julie x

  13. I have the same deal with Win10 always wanting me to install. (I did, but reverted back to 7 in about 5 days!) Good luck with the internet woes too. Love this look. And I do know the song. Someone else had mentioned Falling Stars, and it was in my brain all evening. Ok, because I loved Perry! Your buttons are beautiful against that starry paper (which I have some I think!- didn't think to use it!) Love the resin 'tails' on your stars. You've come up aces again...and brilliant find on the buttons! TFS & Hugs. Hope the week is good for you.

  14. What beautiful makes valery...those shooting star buttons are amazing! Lovely. Hugs x

  15. Very rare to see a shooting start, but you are spoiling us with two.
    Great cards.

    Kath x

  16. Hi Mrs A
    A dynamic duo of fab cards.
    Twinkle Twinkle is good for me but I'm not quite of the Perry Como era lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  17. Love the cards Valery, so sorry you've had internet issues. I'm you got to post these cards. I love the scene of the trees and stars in the first and the sparkly stars of the second. Hope your IT gets better. Zx

  18. Hi Mrs A two fab cards..hope you get sorted out with your internet etc huggles Sue xx

  19. I hope you have sorted out your gremlins by now Valerie as I'm a bit late commenting. Lovely star themed creations for this challenge.

  20. Super card Mrs A! I feel your apin, I hate IT stuff and it was my bread and butter for all but a coupld of years out of my entire career! No wonder my hair is almost white! Wonderful stars there and Hazel over at Craftyhazelnuts is looking for silver this week! Why not go and play?!


    Di xx

  21. apin? I meant pain of course. Finger trouble yet again :( Coupld? I mean couple of course. it could be the wine - hic - or just plain ole tiredness.


    Me xx

  22. I listened to Perry Como when I was little with my dad. He would always sing "Catch a Falling Star". Oh the horrors of technology! It certainly has a mind of it's own. Lovely cards.

  23. Fabulous way to use your buttons Valery......hope you are sorted out with your computer now....sorry I am late commenting just back from Hay after the least the sun shone xxxxxx

  24. Your falling stars are simply beautiful. The glitter shine on the buttons is so pretty. I loved Perry Comos laid back style and always watched his show. Nice memories and now I will be singing that song in my head all day.
    You might as well be speaking a foreign language when it comes to computer speak. I do know router, that's all!

  25. This is wonderful, sorry to hear that the internet issues still continue. Hope all is better now.

  26. Great take on the challenge Mrs A...and well rescued. Hope your internet is behaving now. Carol x
    PS Sorry I'm so late commenting!


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