Thursday, April 02, 2015

Internet or lack of!

All fingers crossed and double crossed.
The internet has been stable overnight
and the green light is still green
so with a lot of luck I will be round your blogs
I gave up trying to use predictive text on my Ipad.
That was just one nut too far!!!!!


Liz said...

Everything crossed for you! Losing the internet can be so frustrating. :-( xx

MaryH said...

Xcrossed that the internet problems are solved. I was having trouble getting to my online weblink with IE. So switched to Google, and it came up ok. Go figure. Have a Blessed Easter. Off to look at an enticing card fold I spotted just below this post. Glad you enjoyed the sunset. It was beautiful, and this photographer just can't capture it as well as might be. Tonight we had a lovely big silver moon to enjoy out over the water. Got a shot of it before twilight. Will try to share it later. It really is pretty here..

Camille Short said...

Amazing job!