Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ten Pin Bowling.

Day 13.

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D.L. Art's Elf Antics 2nd Annual Linky Party.  Must have 3D Elf in picture


Margreet said...

Is that naughty elf bowling with baubles?????
xxx Margreet

Carol said...

He's got plenty of wine corks lol!

Lucy Blossom said...

I hope he didn't take those baubles from your tree! But at least he's staying away from the alcohol

Sandra H said...

Oh no that's where they are!!..........naughty elf no presents for you,,,,lol x

Faye Wynn-Jones said...

We like this one! X

Kathleen said...

Now if Doc is a whiskey drinker looks like you are a little ol' wine drinker or has he turned to wine and just uncorked a few bottles.

Kath x

KT Fit Kitty said...

Your elf is getting up to all sorts! I need to know... did you join in? Who won?

McCrafty's Cards said...

I have just looked all through the Elf antics he he he great fun
Kevin xx

DIANA L. said...

What a clever elf. Fun Game
This is so cute I just love all the colors you used.
Thank you for joining ELF Antics 2nd Annual Linky Party

Di said...

Oh how funny! We went to an old fashioned skittles alley with Len's archery club yesterday evening. I'm so glad I made the effort - but didn't see any elves there!


Di xx

Hettie said...

So err...who drunk the wine? If it was Elfie then you are irresponsible parents letting him drink it....if it was you and Doc then you are irresponsible parents drinking with an elf in the house!