Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Doc's Pancakes.

The Doc informed me that under no circumstances was he missing his Pancakes  on Shrove Tuesdays this year.
We duly picked a packet of ready made ones up from the supermarket last week me having first ascertained that they met the rule of thumb (being if you can't microwave it, dishwasher it, tumble dry it or dry clean it we don't have it). They did as the packet said microwave for 20 seconds so in the trolley they went.
The Doc had carefully marked his diary (or I should say bible as he goes nowhere without it) and the calendar up with pancake day in bold letters . Pancake packet was carefully moved down from the top shelf in the fridge to the bottom shelf for easy access and then we went and had cheese cake for our sweet. The irony was that the Doc even moved the said pancakes out of the way to get his beer out for dinner! I was no help as I thought yesterday was Monday!

The weather has been fine for two days (what's up with it) so we sat in the garden and had pancakes for our lunch today instead.

Of out in a minute to the first Water Colouring class. Do hope they don't start us off with a still life. Can't draw apples for toffee. 

Hugs Mrs A.


  1. This made me laugh Mrs A! Poor Doc... no pancakes again. But at least he got his beer............

  2. Oh not to worry Doc will look forward to them next year Mrs he reminds this is the 1st year l haven't made them on Shrove Tuesday not because l forgot l purposely decided with my son and Dil and Grand children coming for tea on Friday l would do them then as l'm sure my son wouldn't of got them on that day so l'm really looking forward to having them and as Viv's said at least Doc he got his beer xx

  3. Ha, ha - we had (ready made) pancakes for breakfast with honey today - only one day late!

    You could always draw a toffee apple in class? Snigger :)

    Another butterfly card coming tomorrow - and hope you is OK, very quiet lately :(


    Di xx

  4. That's the sort of thing we'd do LOL. At least you got to enjoy them today in the sunshine. Have fun at your water colouring class.

  5. How funny! I can just picture ya'll in that beautiful little garden & enjoying your pancakes in the lovely warm sunshine. Glad your pancakes met the rule of thumb. I like that one. Works at our house too. Is this an online w/c class or locally? Can't wait to see your work. What you mean, you can't draw? Nah, I've seen what you do. You're can do it just fine. TFS & Hugs

  6. I usually make my own mix but this year hubster bought a packet mix, 'to make it easier for me' (bless him) It's such a Caffuffle, he has it eaten before I've cooked the next one.... next time it will be the ready made :)
    Enjoy your class and have fun :)

    Jan x

  7. Got his priority right - beer! Typical bloke!

  8. That is so funny Mrs A - that Doc what's he like!!! Glad you had them eventually though.

    I bought some microwavable ones from the Supermarket too intending to have them Tues, but then we went and ordered a takeaway and was too full after that to have them! Did have them the next day though (with bananas and cream - no wonder we need to diet!) xx

  9. Oh, I will, please, ma'am! Pick me! I'll draw apples for toffee! I'll draw locomotives for toffee, or dog's butts, or a troll. Pick me!! I hope you have a great weekend ~ and stop talking about the nice weather or it will go off in a huff! Hugs, Darnell

  10. Hi Mrs A,
    so glad you had your pancakes. You must pander to them with lovely cake goodies now and then, just to keep them sweet. lol.
    My DH always says your make cakes for everyone except me.
    Well that's a lie as I am always making him his cake, maybe not so often, but he still gets his share. lol.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. Mrs A, this made me laugh so much - especially when your Beloved moved the pancakes to get at the beer - mine would do exactly the same thing! (According to him, the fridge is meant for beer and anything else is an extra.)

    The pun in your last sentence is atrocious - I love it!!

    love Mags B xx

  12. Hmm. I am getting very worried about my inherited sanity levels.... X


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