Monday, December 17, 2012

Mystery/Crime reading challenge.

A very different type of challenge for me . Have just found this Mystery/Crime book reading challenge which starts 1st January 2013 and continues throughout the year. Full details can be found here on Amy's blog.
I'm known as something of a bookworm and have been since an early age. I very soon discarded the Janet & John books at school and was straight into Enid Blyton's ' Famous Five'  and 'The Secret Seven.' Always had a book in my school satchel and used every minute available to take it out and read. Got left on the bus one morning though.  I was so absorbed in the book I was reading that I only looked up when the bus had gone very very quite and dark. I found myself in the bus depot in the cleaning bay with the bus being hosed down before its next turn around.  I had some explaining to do that day as to why I turned up so late for school assembly!!  
If there are any other avid readers out there like me why not join in. It should be fun and at least I can't get left on the bus this time round!



Catherine said...

Thank you for the link Sweetie ! I read the same books when I was little - well in french obviously ! and like you I love reading... Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Grenouille Greetings said...

Me too, Mrs. A. I always have my face in a book (although these days it's more likely to be an e-book) and I read my books again and again so I have hundreds and hundreds of them. I love a good crime mystery and I am currently on my 8th Jack Reacher book from Lee Child but my tastes extend to Stephen Donaldson and Ken Follett. Mr Follett has written some of my fave books ever and I've had to buy newer editions because I have read them so many times. I shall check out the challenge. Hugs, Lesley

She Reads Late Into the Night said...

Hi Mrs. A,
So glad you can join us in reading some great mystery/crime books in 2013. Thanks for posting about the challenge I'm hosting!
Amy Yingling
The Crafty Book Nerd

Skye said...

I will check out the challenge. I started out with John and Betty with their dog Scotty and cat Fluff. I don't read a much as I used to or would like to but at either end of the year before work gears up I some reading. At present I am reading a lot of Scandanavian crime writers