Wednesday, February 22, 2012

4 piece swap from Sherry

Sherry and I recently decided to do a swap with one another and I chose the theme which was to send each other 4 items from our stash to be made into something by the other. We were allowed to add other items from our own stash. These are the itmes that I sent to Sherry.
Designer paper by Papermania from the Chatsworth vintage collection.
Beads on a wire, pink flower and this vintage butterfly found in FIL's house when we did the clear out last year. So what did Sherry make me from all this?
Well for starters she made this absolutely gorgeous art doll collage and used the butterfly on its chain as the hanging tag. The paper was used for the background and the flower was disected to make the wonderful hats. Now Sherry and I have never met so couldn't possibly know that the style and design is so so me. From the high heels (never less than 4") to the long skirts to those oh so me hats. I love hats.! This only used up 3 of the itmes so Sherry set about using the last item to make this cute little wooden hanging.
The glass beads became the necklace. Priceless!!! Hanging from the drawer knob on my chest of drawers as we speak. Sherry even sent me back the beads that she didn't use and so as not to be beaten I finished them up on a tag that I made for Tag Tuesday. shown below.

Thanks Sherry. I love what you have made for me and really had fun using the items that you sent to me. Will post shortly what I made in return.


Sherry Edwards said...

I really enjoyed our swap as well and as you know I LOVE what you made me too :) Glad to see you've used the rest of the glass beads up - the tag is beautiful!

I have no idea why my blog's refusing to let me post - I'm hoping it'll stop sulking in the next few days and let me back in!

Hope all's well xx

Twinkle Star said...

You two are so talented! I love the things you sent and how Sherry transformed them - just fab! x

Sandra said...

What a great idea, and l loved what you did :) Sandra H