Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ok. It's giveaway time. If you would like to be in it for a chance to own the emboidered box on previous post you just have to
already be or become a follower and tell me on this post how many choklits are in the jar.

(well you didn't think I was going to make it that easy for you did you!!)

The person to guess correctly will be the winner. If more than one correct answer then names will go into a draw. No correct answer? Then nearest to it will win or again if more than one near answer then a draw to pick a winner.

As the Meerkats would say Simples.

I will keep this open till midnight(GMT)26th April.

It suprised me just how many went in, though if NSUH spots jar there may be fewer to come out.


  1. Now doesn't that chocolate looks simply delicious...I will guess 35 yummy pieces went into the jar...mmmmmm......YUMMY! The embroidered box, of course, is even MORE DELICIOUS!! Thanks for a chance to win it!! :-)

  2. I know the answer! Bribes may be considered, if the offer is right!! ;)

  3. I think (and hope) 40.....hope Fay doesn't eat from it in the meantime!!!!!!
    thanks for your kind words on my're as lovely as your daughter!!!!
    xxx Margreet

  4. OH.... I love the box so gonna try my hardest...I say...29...

    thanks for the chance to win xx

  5. Do I have to guess before or after I have eaten all the chocolates, in which case my answer is zero pieces.

  6. mmmm yummmy, my guess is 32... now do I get to eat them too??

  7. Post is now closed as we have a winner.


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